Sick House Consulting Packages Ordering Information

Consulting Package ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Please choose the package of your choice or choose hourly rate consulting (1-4 hours).

2. All payment transactions will be processed by PayPal for your convenience by our parent company, MEGACLEAN, INC.

3. Your package will be sent electronically to your email (or mail if requested) and will include:

  • Sick House Solutions eBook
  • Preparation Checklist Form
  • Other educational materials

Please fill out the Preparation Checklist Form and return to the email address included in your package (return by mail if received by mail). Be sure to include your phone number and best time to call. Indicate your consultation preference (phone or email).

An Sick House Doctor staff member will call or email you to set an exact time for your first consultation!

Have Ordering Questions?

Please send us your questions from the Contact Us page

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